going home...again

We were at our new/old home in the weekend and while Gunt and I worked on a chicken run and house, the girls got themselves busy, settling in and making themselves feel at home.
I treasure being able to witness these moments whenever we return home from being away or when we are staying in a new place for a few days. Settling in, reacquainting themselves with the spaces and finding some newness too. I know this feeling - it is full of the contentment of making a place home. Ruby, being a tad like her mama, likes to rearrange and set things up where as Sky just finds a place to make beautiful and sits on down.

Watching Ruby and Sky helps me feel at home again; with all this moving we have done in the last few years, they reassure me that home can be wherever one finds oneself loved and safe with just enough space to make a little beautiful.

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