her book of worries

Shifting has meant a bit of driving, which has meant quite a bit of listening to "Clarice Bean: Don't Look Now."
During one such ride over the weekend Sky declared she wanted to make a book of worries just like Clarice Bean and that she already knew what her number 1, 2 and 3 worries were!
It seemed like the obvious thing to get started on today.
We have made quite a few books and think this method is the nicest; tidy without too much fiddle and it includes a blast on the sewing machine.
Pretty paper for the cover; upcycled picture, magazine inspiration, previous artwork. Whatever works.
Cut to the size you want and fold in half. Then cut the same size paper for the inner pages and, here's the trick if you don't want any splaying of pages, fold the pages separately, one at a time.
Lay pages and cover together and line up sides.
Then blast down the spine with the sewing machine...beautiful finish, just like that.
If you like, you can make the base of the cover longer than the pages, fold up on the inside of cover and sew along seam - this way and you will make a small inside pocket.
Unsurprisingly, this year has been hard on Sky's sense of safety in the world.
There have been so many opportunities to face our fears, breath deep, watch where our mind grasps on, cuddle quicker and for longer. Her worry book is a great place for her to name her fears and draw what they look like.
She's got a lot of relevant life-long learning going on this girl.

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