using what we have

For a while now Willow, the chicken, has preferred to sit somewhere quieter and altogether far more difficult for any human-sized creature to get to.
When we finally found her eggs, there was quite a stash.
So last week we went crazy with quiche.
Usually I collect the shells under the bench and once I have a few, I lightly bake them and crush them into some leftover porridge to feed to the girls (that's the hens not Ruby and Sky).
But this time I googled "eggshell mosaic" and got inspired by this blog post. The next day we rummaged around for any random dye we had in the house and immersed the shells.

We learnt a bit about egg anatomy and the effectiveness of the different dyes but mostly we had fun gluing and sticking and watching an image of sorts appear.

The dye that remained still seemed perfectly.....colourful and so we dyed some wool for a scarf for Charlotte.
The photo below is the wool looking it's best.
The colours ended up running into a single yellowy green: more opportunities for learning about possible unpredictable outcomes when experimenting.

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  1. Those eggs are beautiful! And what a great use of the shells. Nice to read up on on your blog....