our dear charlotte

Meet our dear Charlotte.
She is a much loved and carried around member of our family.
Charlotte is Ruby's baby.
When Ruby found her just on three years ago, it was pretty much love at first sight.
We were visiting friends and they pulled out some playthings for the girls, among them was Charlotte.
As we went to leave that day our friends, noticing the bond that had been made between mama and baby suggested we take Charlotte with us. They explained that Charlotte didn't have a great quality of life stuck in the hall cupboard at their house.
Ruby was hesitant. She knew the love was deep and questioned her own ability in giving Charlotte the best life possible.
She decided on a foster arrangement; she would do a bit of respite care now and again but give Charlotte back in between times.
Well, once she arrived home Ruby quickly realised that returning Charlotte to a life in the hall cupboard just wasn't possible and we went about formally adopting her.
Like so many mamas the world over, Ruby has her in bed each night and insists on giving Charlotte the warm blankets.
Like other mamas, she wakes in the night to check she is covered.
She comes everywhere with us and as with a lot of families with babies, it is sometimes a real squeeze to get out of the door while also remembering the spare clothes, blankets and carrier for Charlotte.
The carrier we made for Charlotte early on has worked really well. Ruby wanted the flexibility of a being able to carry Charlotte both on the front and the back. The pattern we came up with was super easy; basically it is a double-sided rectangle with long straps and velcro as a fastener. The rectangle pulls up between the legs and fastens around the chest.
Here is what we did:
  • Choose 2 pieces of fabric.
  • Measure distance from chest to back and cut out 2 rectangles of the same length.
  • Sew 3 sides of the rectangles together, right-sides together and pull through.
  • Measure the length of straps you need - we have the straps coming over the shoulders, crossing over the back or the front and coming back around, ending with a tie. A bit longer is better than a bit short.
  • Cut fabric this length and double the width you want the final strap to be. Sew right sides together and pull through.
  • Slot the unfinished ends of the straps into the unfinished end of the rectangle and sew the end shut.
  • Add a length of velcro on both sides of one end of the rectangle. Sew the other side of the velcro to the other end. This fastens around the chest.
Strap your baby on and head out into the world knowing your beloved baby is snuggled up to you.

Thank you Charlotte for the love you have provided for Ruby.
We feel lucky to have you.


  1. Lovely post! It crosses my mind that things would be very different if Charlotte's mama went to school, a bit like if Ruby's mama went to work!!
    I appreciate hearing the story, I knew she was important but didn't know about the adoption. Lucky Charlotte!

  2. The other day Ruby had her first experience of a couple of children sniggering at her and Charlotte. The next day was the first day we have ever left Charlotte at home while we went out. It only lasted a day but I wonder if something was lost on that day for Ruby.

  3. What a neat post.

    Sad though about those little things like a child sniggering at another. When N was 4 he wanted to go out in a fairy skirt, well he only made it about halfway across the carpark before he must have noticed people looking and took it off - and never wore it out of the house again... Both my kids love nurturing and tending to their babies (yes, even Mr 8!) and D has an ABC-style carrier similar to Ruby's.