festival time

We had been waiting for a while for this festival.
Postponed back in June due to the earth shaking, the town still needed a chance to celebrate and the light returning still seemed like the most appropriate reason.
Apparently so did half of Christchurch; last Friday night the streets of Lyttelton heaved with frivolity and celebration.
And that's exactly as it should be.
The year has been a tough one for many in this shaky town.
Tough, and yet such deep veins of sweetness have been uncovered.
It felt good; the masked parade, the fireworks, the buskers and dancing in the rain to good, homegrown music.
It felt good too to have all the currently homeless businesses back out on the pavement, once again inhabiting the streets of our town .

Many thought of those people we have lost.
Many peered into the spaces where, not too long ago, our dearly loved historic buildings stood; gaps illuminated with light shows and sculpture.
And others asked after those who are still away or waiting to hear about their homes.
And yet the exuberance present at the festival reminded us that what is left, and in fact is thriving in the uncertainty, is the spirit of the people and the strength of the ties that hold us together as a community.
the masks made especially for the occasion each year.

  • Thanks to a local photographer Gill Taylor for the photos. I was preoccupied managing the giant puppet fish head.

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