thinking about home

For a while now our family has been scribbling on scraps of paper, thinking, talking and dreaming about what our home may be one day.
There has been a lot of scribbling; drawings, notes, numbers, concepts, coloured pencils, doodles and perspective.
We have learnt a lot about fully listening to one another along the way too.
Our section on the hill, our financial resources and our wish to finally "come home" has been our impetus.

It has felt like a long and windy route.
At times it has felt like blizzard conditions; the track markers hardly visible and I haven't always been able to hear Gunter over the shrieking wind.
At other times it has felt like just grey, overcast skies.
When we have talked about our ideas with people other than our friends who know us well, we usually feel like we miss the boat; the people seem to paddle far ahead in their mind, led by their pressumptions and prescribed ideas.
We sense that they never really heard what we said.
Often though we haven't been clear in what we've been saying; while trying to formulate our own imaginings, we trip ourselves up on our own cluttered ideas and feelings of inadequacy.

What has really made the difference recently is having a bunch of friends get involved with the details and figuring solutions out alongside us.
A couple of naieve decisions made a few years ago has got us in a bit of a silly situation and The Harbour Pool ( I wrote about this group
here. I need to write more; it's a very exciting group) decided that this is a project for the collective and not just for our individual family to juggle.
Including our dear friends in on the conversation has made all the difference.
The project has now got forward momentum and the possibility of fabulousness.
Now there is little chance of our family sinking under the weight of our own limitations (in our minds and our pockets) as there are ten other buoys keeping us afloat.

One of these dear visionary friends has been feeding us with concepts; ideas to play and have fun with.
This morning her "pick" was sitting in my inbox.
At first glance I presumed
the platform (pictured) was a joke.
Apparently not.
When I returned home later in the afternoon, Gunter and Ruby had been looking and linking and chatting and dreaming.
So I had another look.
I watched the
slideshow and fell in love.Without the help of friends, my heart wouldn't have been split open, expanding my mind, filling me with a rush of possibilities and dreaming up new ways of being at home.

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