Progress in Economic models

A recent article I wrote for the local paper.
The vision is that our whole area will begin to grow a whole lot of these savings pools.

The local Savings Pool is a leading example of an economic model that benefits the people who earn the money. It is a model of the new kind of "progress" which communities need to begin to adopt.
Below outlines key ingredients in this new "progress." Read along and begin to imagine a new economic model that you can initiate in your own family, neighbourhood or circle of friends.
>Progress is when you get together with a bunch of people, you pool some of your finances and take turns at accessing the
pool of money.
It's not rocket science. There are few details but mostly it's stepping one foot aside from the old financial paradigm and
trying out a new model.
>Progress is actually using the money that is accumulating in the pool. Money standing still is money standing still. That money does nothing to serve the group. The benefit to the group comes when the money is used and circulated.
As an example, in our local Savings Pool three out of the eight family units have already benefited from the pool. We began two months ago. A chest freezer has been purchased, a solar hot-water system (party funded by the pool) has been given the thumbs up and a home improvement job including a double-glazed window has been approved, fixing a problem and adding to that family's energy savings.
>Progress is when money remains for as long as possible in your local community. Money in "the Bank", any bank, doesn't benefit the local community, but it's shareholders.
In contrast, a community savings pool is focussed locally, benefits the contributing members and supports local businesses.
>Progress is releasing families from crippling interest which the average family with an average mortgage can spend a large part of their life paying off. Access to a pool of interest-free money keeps the money, that those families have earned, in their pockets and their communities.
Localised Savings Pools is a new way of thinking about and using our money.
No bank can ever offer you such a deal with so many benefits.


  1. This is such a fabulous area to put energy into. I believe that when we manage ourselves through peer to peer banking, the whole world will change. It is the key to a beautiful new shift. Well done. :)

  2. We worked through a place called Kingdom Resources to get an interest free loan for emergency house repairs 10 yrs ago. Generous people with alot of money let K.R manage large sums to lend interest free to low income people in debt or an emergency. Criteria & budgeting + savings info is given & encouraged. Your community model reminded me of K.R & at the time they helped us they were our only source to save us from ruin.

  3. Great to hear that there are other sources of interest-free money.