Potions and Lotions

Spring means there are flowers back in the garden.
We spotted these calendula flowers in the community garden last week. They self sow everywhere, are great for attracting beneficial insects and are an excellent way to brighten up a salad.
We like to steep them in oil and use the oil in some of our potions we make.

The girls have always dabbled in making "brews," as they call them. Picking herbs from the garden, adding essential oil for sensuous smells and pounding, stirring and mixing.
This is a body scrub that we use when the girls get around to making a new batch.
Easy and straight forward, it is a perfect introduction to making your own body products.
The recipe comes from a wonderful local herbalist, Vilmai Becker
Body Scrub
1 Tbspn milk powder
1 Tbspn rolled oats
4 Tbspns salt or sugar (coarse is good)
4-6 Tbspn almond oil
Rind of 1 orange or lemon
20 drops of essential oil

Mx together (aiming for grainy and moist), store in a clean jar and it should last for a month.
Watch the shower floor after rinsing it off as it can be really slippery.

I've never been much of a body product kind of girl but this is delicious and I love the idea of scrubbing my breakfast ingredients over my body.

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