It's school holidays around here which means life runs pretty much as usual for us except that Papa and school kids are around to play with.
I've been running a Drama class for youngsters for the last 3 mornings. Fun, a bit of magic and loads of silliness.
Gunter has hardly been out of the garden and hasn't left the section. He's a natural potterer.

The girls and I are heading South early in the morning with another family.
We will be staying at a friend's farm for a few days.
We also want to check out some different breeds of chickens while down there. We have plans of getting our hands on some fertilised eggs, get a clutch of them under a local clucky hen and hatch some chicks this year.
We can't wait to have our own chooks again.

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  1. Hey, we have chickens, and love them too! We have two Silkies and two Barnevelders. The Barnevelders are great, recommend them. We want to get the Araucana breed too, if we can, because of the novelty of having green/blue eggs!

    It will be fun for the kids to see the little chickies hatch.