taking time

Even when life is being tricky or you've just had one of those days which are tricky I have always been super grateful that the girls have the freedom of time.

This week we have taken some time to:
* count the rate at which the pussy willow bursts open on our table.
* investigate the inner workings of the piano more than once.
* find new ways in which to eat pumpkin (it's that time of the year) Our favourite? Pumpkin bread similar to this recipe, with less sugar.
* witness life in the blossoming tree outside our door; honey bees galore, waxeyes, bumble bees and a lone red admiral butterfly.

What have you taken some time to do this week?

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  1. This week I have taken time to download photos from our recent holiday and reflect on some of the moments and sights we experienced.

    I continue to watch the Bead tree in my garden. The Melia azaderach. It still has some beads hanging on it but the new leaf buds are beginning to swell on it too. There is much to observe about that tree and its processes through the seasons.

    I have taken time to finish knitting a scarf for my grandson using yummy local alpaca wool.

    I have taken time today,after bumping into my grandson and his Mummy, to check out a colour she would like in something knitted and then we enjoyed lunch together, stories read, chats about this and that in a spontaneous time together.

    I hope you are all safe after some more sizeable aftershocks.
    Good wishes