long-term projects

I've loved Lori's Camp Creek blog for a while now.
Earlier on, when Ruby was still under 5, I was drawn to it because it of my interest in the reggio emillia approach; her posts gave me confidence in my belief in long-term, child-led learning.
I also like the juice that comes from the discussion in her comment section.
Recently she posted a link to a TED talk by Gever Tulley about the power of tinkering. Check it out over on the sidebar.
I then went on and clicked around the TED talks for a bit and found the talk below.
It's a great description of a possible path to long-term projects.

My hope is that within a school setting the children still remain the key negotiators in what they are learning. Without this the long-term project becomes another take on a theme study.
I see the school timetable also imposes an end date. With the freedom of having no school timetable to stick to, our long-term projects can last for as long as the girls want them to and can be revisited again and again. With schooling families, I guess the hope would be that parents will pick up where the school finishes, that's assuming good communication links.

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