it was papa's day...

..and we celebrated.
If you had said to me a few years ago that I would be celebrating Mother's and Father's day I would not have believed you.
For a long time, I haven't acknowledged these days but put them down to ridiculous, commercially-driven ideas.
I still pretty much believe that.
Perhaps not so much the "ridiculous" anymore - I'm a mama now right, and we need to grab the acknowledgment where we can.

Gunt and I are getting better at celebrating in a way that feels good for us.
Celebrating at-home fun style or in the outdoors.
Celebrating with small, personal touches of love and appreciation.
Celebrating that builds relationship and connection with each other and with ourselves.
Celebrating with food - focus on the "specialness" and not the amount.
Celebrating that doesn't involve the consumption of "stuff" because of a lack of ideas of how else to mark it.
note the air guitar mid-photo and a whisk microphone in lower right corner.

A pre-breakfast blindfolded excursion to the beach, a family rock band rehearsal and a free choral concert all made a pretty perfect day for a pretty perfect Papa.


  1. We celebrated the two fathers, one of whom is also a grandfather now yesterday.

    Simply ways of acknowledging care and love.....breakfast in bed, afternoon tea with some homemade banana muffins, cards with special messages and a new coffee mug that says we know you love the message on the side. Time at the local park kicking a ball around to the delight of the grandson and home for a spontaneous sharing of a rare Thai takeaway meal together.
    Simple ways to be together and weave connections and relationships.
    Two grandparents, three adult children, two daughters-in-law, a grandson and wee one growing, yet to be among us:-)

    I love your photo looking down into the water off the jetty.

  2. Love the new picture at the top of the blog. Very beautiful. And I love that we can keep up with your lives in the south while we continue ours in the north. And love to all of you, especially the air guitar hero, the one we missed while you were up here. And I thought Ruby inherited her dramatic genes from her mother!!!

    Malcolm (not Anonymous, though he's a friend of mine)

  3. Yes, hmm, the air guitar hero doesn't know that his talents are up on the blog yet. He may feel a little shy when he finds out.

  4. Hehe. Then I better not "out" you to him via text message then!

  5. LOVE IT, the pic with pic of papa rocking it.