moving on.

We are housesitting a friend's home for 7 months.
A friend we met while stitching hearts.
Housesitting is one of the options we decided to "put out there" after a Summer trying to solve our financial pickle. Eventually we realised that we needed to stop trying to fix the problem and begin with a totally different intention. You can read about it here.
We discovered that what was possible is that we could change our family's "story" around money. The "story" that we were playing out was one Gunt and I are very familiar and comfortable with on many levels. It's the story that we were both brought up with but just not the story we want to pass onto our children.
So, we decided to play with taking control of the money we earn rather than the money feeling like it had control over us. To do this we needed to stanch the flow of it leaving us the moment it arrived.
Creative and personalised solutions are always so satisfying.
They have such a good fit.
We can take care of A's home and do some of the jobs that need fixing around her house while we can take a break from paying mortgage repayments.
No money changes hands. Instead services are exchanged, relationships are deepened and once again we find the community taking care of each other.
The web of connection grows and strengthens.


  1. Nice! Sounds a good plan. (We're sadly no longer HSing. I've started blogging again - renamed my satisfying blog the same as the HS one and amalgamating both there.)

  2. How awesome! I love the part about changing the "story." Reminds me of a wonderful writer/speaker named Byron Katie....I wonder if you are aware of her already.

  3. Good luck! I have my hearts ready, can I still send them or is it too late? I really did mean to post them a fornight ago but I kept thinking I might get time to make more...but I havn't so it's time to send them! If it's not too late that is!

  4. Yes please, we are still stitching although not as regularly. We will stitch one of yours onto the blanket we are stitching up. Many thanks.

  5. I love your blog! I found it when I Googled 'fabric hearts for Lyttelton' because I wanted to find out more about it. I have a little heart that was given to me by a woman at my knitting group. Are you still making them? I'm thinking of doing a bit myself for my part of the city.

  6. Could you please email me with an address to post too?