what's possible?

Last year was a challenging year financially.
Over the Summer holidays I seriously considered the option of going back to full-time paid work.
I like to fully explore the options.
From where I am now I know this is not an option.
That is simply not the path we want to take.

Thankfully at the end of last year I read and watched a bit of Margaret Wheatley and her work inspired me to sit with a fresh approach.
A solution still needs to be cultivated but we needed to somehow start in a different place.

We are now beginning with a different question.
What's possible? is the question we are now fully exploring.
Beginning with "what's possible?" rather than "how are we going to fix the problem?" totally shifts the energy.
With this new starting point it seems that we keep the focus on what we want and how to continue creating that in our lives.

The "back-to-work" route was a reaction to the weight and relentlessness of a problem that wasn't resolving. It seemed an obvious option except that it would have taken away exactly that which we believed in.

"What's possible?" opens our minds and hearts to more creative solutions; it helps keep us in the driver's seat of our lives, focussed on developing and manifesting our dreams, as individuals and as a family.

Looking back on this process I am reminded of how decisions we make can alter the whole course of our lives.
I'm relieved we remained where we are, choosing the the untrodden path before us.

Check out what Margaret has to say about this question on her video


  1. It is always something to consider, and there always should be different routes to take, especially when you feel so strongly that you've chosen this path to begin with! Kia kaha.

  2. Oh, I love this: "Beginning with "what's possible?" rather than "how are we going to fix the problem?" totally shifts the energy."

    So true, something I am learning.