busker's festival

The Annual Buskers Festival is always worth two days in town, especially when your brother's visiting.

We love this festival because loads of families come and spend the day laughing.
I love the spirit of street performance - an honest exchange between people, low tech and artists in charge of their creativity.
There is no better place for communities to meet and celebrate than right out on the street.

Of course the gorgeous Topp Twins are always our favourite.
They have so got it going on - good, sound Kiwi humour, good voices and always political.
They gave away about $180 at the performance we were watching. Three $50 bills and and bunch of $5 bills.
Gave it away to people in the audience.
Unconditional giving is a powerful act and it challenges the popular "money speak."
It publicly demonstrates generosity in a greedy world.
They then collected money for a man in the audience who needed an upgraded wheelchair.

On the way home we picked up the movie, "Topp Twins Movie:The Untouchable Girls", from the library and watched it again, just for the fun of it.

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  1. yes chch had a lovely atmosphere when we visited,it was a pity we couldn't have stayed longer! ( We had only one day in town, and two drivingdays), but plan to come again, one day!