still stitching.

Even when we are not stitching hearts for others at the farmer's market or in the schools, the girls still choose to sit by a window in our new home and stitch in the sun. For Sky, a small wallet that she gets to practice blanket stitch on, for Ruby, a stitching bag to hold her treasures and me, a wee woolen bunting to be stitched onto the Lyttel Stitches blanket.

Woolen blankets are not surprisingly my new favourite material to play with.... phone pouch, slippers, new hottie covers and a warm skirt requested by Sky are all on my list.

Stitching continues to provide that small calm spot in the middle of the day as we regain our rhythm once again.


  1. One of my friends is right into woollen blankets at the moment too. She's made some great finds at the 2nd hand shops and been making some lovely kids hooded coats from them.

  2. wow, I love your blog! Good things. Sweet things.