lyttel stitches

For the last few days we have been stitching madly anywhere that people are gathering; mainly at the coffee corner outside the library.
A crafty friend began with the idea on the 1st March and we have been stitching ever since.

Simple hearts.
An upcycled woolen blanket, wool, thread, whatever buttons we can find and a safety pin.
Stitched with love.

People come and join us. A chance to sit and chat, take a breath together and focus on a small project.
Imagine - even the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Captain of the All Whites each have one of these lyttel hearts decorating their chests.

A small way that we can spread love in a chaotic and uncertain time.


  1. are you selling them? Or Could Imake some and send them down too? I love the idea and would like to help?

  2. Yes you could make some and send them to me. If you email me I can send you my address. We are now going to be visiting local schools when they reopen and providing a time-out space for the children. We are also thinking of decorating the rubble. Watch this space!

  3. what a cool idea, so simple yet so giving - well done you, your family and friends . .