Holding on to reality.

Overheard while Ruby spoke to her Grandma in the North Island last night on the telephone:

"Grandma it's not as bad as it looks on TV. On TV you don't see your friends and their happy faces and all the houses that are ok. There are a lot of sad buildings but a lot of good ones too. Just don't watch so much TV Grandma."

Having no TV keeps us engaged with what is infront of us rather than being drawn into fear and worry.
While we were away we watched some of the footage on TV. That was plenty enough.
Images are powerful and help others who are far away see some of the reality we face.
When these images are repeatedly shown throughout the day, for days on end they mostly lead to the reality being distorted.
Last September when the first earthquake hit and people were freaking out with the aftershocks, the most help we could be was to tell them to turn off the TV, the radio and the computer and go outside. If the person had children, we knew the kids would follow.
Relaxation and calm would immediately increase and fear and worry subside.
With the recent earthquake it's heartening to hear Ruby is now sharing this wisdom with those she loves.


  1. Children are so beautiful - what wonderful teachings you give them . . I must admit, I am `earthquaked` out and put music on or read instead of watching over and over again , the destruction. I feel very deeply for the people of your stunningly beautiful part of Aotearoa, I have cousins who are living through the horror of it all, but with instant viewing and repeating of the scene,it makes me feel like I need to escape it all . . It is amazing at how the country has come together, I am very proud to be a kiwi . .

  2. I love it Ruby o wise one! I need to take that advice. At first the news on tv, radio and internet helped it seem less unreal, and provided info. But now I don't need it and need to notice what's around me, the dark green of the beech forest outside my Arthurs Pass hut window. Like you said to me earlier today wise friend, grounding. It IS the antidote to fear. 
    After we spoke I wrote 6 pages in the hut book, very healing. And if you're reading this I have succeeded with another of your loving suggestions and figured out how to comment on your blog! Again!

  3. Ps Do you realise your next post will be your 100th!! Well done u! X