what we need right now.

The hearts are growing day by day.
We have been stitching full time for the last week.
This morning we were at the Community Recovery Building giving them to Civil Defense workers and people coming in for assistance.
This afternoon we were at the coffee corner.
Next week we will be in the local schools as they reopen providing a bit of time-out space for children who need it.

But we need supplies.
We want this to remain an exchange of love and support with as little money as possible changing hands.
So do you have any spare buttons, old pale blankets, thin wool or fairly thick needles?
We could do with any you can spare.
Send me an email on watchingkereru at gmail dot com and I'll send you the details.

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  1. Hey Jacinda,
    My name's Raven, I used to live in Chch and my family still do. I really love your blog and your craftivism in the streets, made me all teary! I run a small blog called Nanatech which has a few followers on facebook. I've just started a wee fabric drive for you guys so hopefully we can help out with your awesome project. Feel free to check it out at www.nanatech.wordpress.com. If you're unhappy with us talking about your project or the image in the event page please let me know I would'nt want to cause any problems.
    Thanks and hope you are going well today, will let you know how we go with fabric and things!