gathering together

We have been trying to rediscover some rhythm to our days based in the home this week.
With the stitching project we have been drawn outside and away for most days during the last month but with the energy of the community shifting, my own energy is reflecting this shift.
A pattern to our day helps all of us feel settled and is especially valuable now when all of our outside commitments remain turned upside down.
As the stitching slows a little, we are all needing these simple rhythms to help us feel secure post-quake.

And so we find ourselves at home a bit more, stitching following us there but also a bit of quiet to pick up our daily staples and to remember some of the other projects that we had on the go pre 22nd February.
  • Reading together several times each day: me to them and them to me.
  • Piano practise: Knowing where this comes in the day certainly helps to keep our commitment to practise.
  • Time spent at the craft table and to follow up on some of the many writing opportunities.
  • Time to dance and prepare shows each day.
  • Gathering, preparing and sharing good food together.
  • Being present enough to note down questions and interests that arise and time enough to follow these up as best we can.

In many ways it has felt like the earthquake shook us up and split us open just as it did for many people.
We have surprising plans afoot and these times in the day when our energies gather together steady our step and ease the tremors of change.

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  1. We are dancing heaps at the moment....seems to be a good source of stress release as well as relaxation and fun!!