autumn equinox

The seasonal year turns another notch and we find ourselves back at the edge of autumn. I must say I am a little nervous as we head into this next phase of the year. There will be some confronting times during the coming cold and dark days for people in this community.

The weekend brought us:
  • Time in the garden - In the still of the early morning Gunter and I spent some quiet time in the garden.We thought we would make a start on the potato harvest before breakfast. A dozen handsome pumpkins (a little early but sometimes you need to just bring it in when you can), arm loads of tomatoes, cucumbers and corn, and 22 kg of spuds. One bed done; three to go!

  • Packages from afar - Touched by a special package in the post filled with buttons, lace and woolies to be stitched onto this week's hearts. There is so much herstory in those little packages
  • Some sign language learning- and while "you-tubing" for more signing inspiration finding this sweet little film which made me smile.

  • A bit of reading - here
  • A bit of viewing - here
  • And, no surprises, more stitching. Even Prince William himself was handed one on Memorial Day. I hope he's wearing it!


  1. Wow. I hope you feel proud of your garden yield. It's amazing to think you only moved in just over a year ago and have created such abundance. One of many ways you inspire . . . ! X

  2. Okay Whats your secret with the garden? My harvests are dismal, but I'm blaming the lack of rain here, maybe you've had just a few drops more? ( possibly a bit of apathy on my behalf too though, I admit). Nice to have you join this lovely time of year :)

  3. I think some of the land was pretty fertile anyway but with the gardens that we put into the old driveway I used bokashi which I think works wonders. Bokashi is an effective micro-organism which breaks down food scraps fast and I dug our buckets of food scraps straight into the garden beds. The community garden harvest is pretty dismal too. The good thing is that there is always another growing season.