This last week we have been with the children, visiting one of the local schools in the lunch hour and offering a bit of certainty in a simple project.

For some who are struggling with fear and/or lose, the stitching project has provided a safe place to retreat to. They may have visited regularly at the coffee corner and return to us in their lunch hour.
For some it is something a little special as they transition back into being at school. Possibly back to a school without their friends as families choose to move away.
For some it is a chance to love and heal a beloved "baby."

Focusing on the next stitch, their bodies relax just a bit and tension falls away. Bodies are tired from broken sleep and adrenal glands are depleted from the aftershocks.
Focusing on the next stitch, their mind is present with the task and can let go of the worry of what is to come.

Then I awoke this morning to Sky telling me that she planned to make a penguin today.
The original inspiration was a cut-out unicorn gifted to her earlier in the week which has been helping her to sleep.
She scoured the bookshelves for penguins, drew a penguin picture she was happy with and then copied it onto a plain woolen blanket. We had it cut out and half stitched before breakfast. She finished it off at the coffee corner where she could show off her handiwork. Puppets are on the list.

The meditation in stitching and the very act of creating something beautiful continues to heal our community, one stitch at a time.
Check out to see the love and beauty that is coming to us from afar.


  1. Once again, well done on helping these lovely children in their healing process. There is nothing like a singular focus to hold the anxiety at bay.

  2. Hi, I commented about a week ago but can't seem to find it here now. Anyway, I love what you are doing and think this is a fantastic idea. I've made two hearts so far with plans to stitch as many as I can between now and Wednesday. I also have some buttons and things to send to you. I really love what you are doing and believe you will be really blessed by it also. I will email you for you address. I also want to do a blog post about it, can I please use a couple of your photos to show others what you are doing?

  3. how very soothing for the children and families and people involved. I have to smile when I hear and see your daughter's penguin as often we find ourselves in the midst of a very urgent project even before breakfast. How lucky I feel to have that time to enter in!

  4. Thanks for all the love. Debrina, creativity is such a profound healer. Yes, Lucky Dip Lisa, we the stichers are as blessed as the receivers. You are welcome to use a couple of the photos. Thanks for asking. Melissa, I too feel lucky that we have time to enter into the urgent pre-breakfast project.