Our Creative Space

We have always loved the idea of having a familiar space for the girls to work in and so in our tiny home we have probably the best room of the house set up as a creative space.

It works well for all of us. The girls have easy access to a variety of materials. The daily diet is scissors, coloured pencils, felt pens, tape and loads of reusable paper and although there are other materials, I try to stick to a "less is more" approach.
The room is where the girls work on, explore and investigate whatever interest they are currently pursuing. On the wall is a display board with their work on it for further inspiration or as a reminder of ideas they had been working on. Often it is the first place I find the girls in the morning and the last place they leave on the way to bed. It works for me because it can be left messy when a project has had to be paused mid-flight. I love the fact that I can shut the door at the end of the day.

The accessibility to materials and a place to work has meant that the girls have hardly had a moment where they have been at a loss at what to do. We have had various attempts at this space; the dining room table, a table near the fire in the winter, but for right now a room of it's own works best for us, even when it means all sharing the same sleeping space. What we need to work on now is just such a space for the adults.

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  1. I love that you're willing to sacrifice a bedroom for this space! Nice to "meet" you--thank you for visiting my blog! :-)