The Real Work

Recently a blogger reflected "It's funny that the fears (that may arise around not schooling our children) relate to me and my issues and not to the kids and their issues."

This is what I notice over and over again in my life with the girls; that the little worries that arise from time to time are manifestations of my own fear, my own expectations and my own feelings of inadequacy and nothing to do with what is actually real for them. In fact I think living with my own "stuff" and having it reflected back at me is precisely the challenging work of being a parent but is also the work that continues to help me to become the parent, and in fact the person I want to be.

footnote:The photo is my attempt to imagine the girls enjoying the Summer heat while I huddle around the fire on such a cold and wet winter's day.


  1. Following your blog has been a great inspiration. You are putting down what I may be thinking or what I have thought about mine and others children over the years and haven't got around to voicing or documenting it. It is also what has happened and is still happening in our home too if you let a child develop naturally. You writings are helping me to reconnect with the beliefs I originally had in the beginning of our home learning journey, Children seek their own end in fact they seem driven to resolve their thoughts and feelings if left to freely do so. it is a phenomena that is a privilege to observe. Our daughter has used figurines and drawing to resolve practically everything that has come her way since the age of 2, just as your children have worked through their inner need to understand through drama and art
    We have been thinking and talking of you and your loved ones regular xx

  2. Thanks woodville. What nice feedback. Nice to know someone is reading!

  3. Hello and welcome to the blogosphere community! I found your site through Miranda's blog, which I have been reading with delight for several years. Partly due to inspiration from her family, we unschool and learn from life, imagination, family and the outdoors as well. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. :)


  4. Yes, Miranda's blog is the first blog I began reading several years ago. She has inspired me many times over the years to keep on the path that we are treading.I look forward to checking out your blog.