Catching the rain

We moved into this place about 6 months ago and it has been a long settling in period.
We have dreams of a simple, homemade greywater system which can water our fruit trees in the long, dry Summers and which can be diverted into the stormwater drains in the Winter.
We also have begun to catch some rainwater. Eventually we would like this to supply the toilet and washing machine at least. But at this stage we have just pushed a few under spots in the guttering which are dribbling. The tanks fill up quickly - a good lesson in accumulative dripping! The girls have been helping me to syphon the water into the drains. Yes, it seems a bit senseless but it is always good to take the first step.

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  1. I really enjoy my rain barrels, it feels so good to water my veg gardens with water that we collected. I've just run out of the collected springtime water and will now have to start using the hose. I long for a grey water system at our next home.