We are big on community in our household. We chose to be part of a small, vibrant community and actively participate in many of the exciting, funky initiatives based around self-reliance and neighbourliness. In particular we are regulars at the community garden, in fact we claim the people there as our local extended whanau, we support the local Timebank and because we inhabit the streets at all times of the day we know a lot of people. It is an exciting place to live and we have the time to fully participate in what is being offered.
Our friend Jim from the community garden who sadly passed away late last year

Their friends are not determined by age or any other perceived division, because they develop relationships based around authentic encounters not enforced or manufactured ones.
And you know what, I love that.
It's as good as I had imagined.
It can be as you dream it to be - children being full participants in their world, determining their path and in so doing helping to determine the path of the larger community.
Ruby preparing a vege box for a new mum across the road.

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