holding on

Since Tuesday we have just been holding on to what we can.

As the quake hit, I ran and hung on to the girls.
Tuesday afternoon as the hours passed, I hung on to the message from a neighbour : someone had seen Gunter heading toward town on a student's scooter. He was searching for our overseas visitors.
As we waited for our small family to be reunited, we gathered with friends and hung on to each other as the news of our devastated city unfolded.
As the power returned to the house we hung on the phone filling up with love from friends and family.

Our home is fine.
Our family is safe.
Our hearts remain with those who have lost so much.

We are on the West Coast visiting friends for a few days.
No helicopters. No aftershakes.
Gathering ourselves in preparation for returning and helping rebuild our communities, we hold onto each new day and the chance to be together with those we love.


  1. What a nice post! Exposing the warmth of the situation! Look forward to catching up when you are back!

  2. Yes you are so right - holding on to the fundamental things - family, friends, community, good health, fresh water, vegetables, and a safe place to rest - these are the things that make life rich. And so much of how you are choosing to live your lives is about just these things.
    Lovely, lovely to hear from you again - Sandy, Malcolm and whanau

  3. What a nice way to read how you are coping with such a devastating situation and how proud I am to have you all within our family. It won't be too long before I see you. Love to you all. Oma