holding onto the season

We are back from a restful few days on the West Coast.
While away and now we are back, we are doing our best to hold onto the rhythms we normally have in our lives.
Since the Earthquake, often it has seemed like so much has changed around us.
By maintaining as many of our usual daily rhythms as we can, we are adjusting and keeping ourselves emotionally secure.

We hold onto the Season.

The late Summer garden is laden with gifts of food as it is each year.
We continue to harvest daily and find comfort in knowing we have enough food to see us through.
With the electricity back on we could even put aside a bit of our Tomato Pasta sauce as we do each year.

While away we went exploring and with a little help from our friends, found wild blackberries.
We foraged for hours, eating lots and freezing some.
Magically we managed to have just enough left to make a few jars of jam and some delicious blackberry syrup.

Once again we return to the natural world to centre ourselves and heal our jangled lives.

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