easy meals

Oh I love the ease of menu planning at this time of the year.
Look in the garden and harvest what is ready - the evening meal is half done.
Below was the haul from this afternoon bar the cherry tomatoes which were devoured on picking and the beetroot that were already in the pot.

We have been swamped with cucumbers this year.
We had expected a meager harvest; having no glasshouse I thought it would struggle to be consistently warm enough.
However, being a Summer staple in our family I germinated a few seedlings and stuck them in under a cloche. You can see it at the bottom of the photo below.

Even with loads of competition from the corn, pumpkins and tomatoes, we have been enjoying cucumbers daily from that small strip since December.

I do think there is a lot to be said about just giving it a go in the garden and being ready to be surprised.

I'm guessing the magic has been the regular doses of worm juice.
At last we have an effective way of decanting the worm juice into used milk containers throughout the year, ready to be diluted in the buckets and watered at the plants feet.

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