hormones and mothering skills

A dozen fertilised eggs arrived by van in the middle of last week.
Six Barnevelder. Six Wellsummer.
We had our neighbour's clucky silky all lined up - or so we thought.
Gunter finished the chicken coop the night they arrived and we headed over the fence to collect the silky once the darkness arrived.
She was very flighty. She didn't seem convinced.
The next morning she flew out of the coop as I put in food and water. I hardly opened it. Honestly.
Of course Gunter was just off to work and was caught up in redirecting the disturbed chook back to her sisters over the fence. It took a while.
So we were back to square 1 : a dozen eggs and no chicken.
We spent the next day tracking down another clucky hen and F and I thought we'd split our chances.
So now we have 6 eggs with a settled hen on them and F has 6.
These chicken dramas led to a lot of facinating discussion around hormones, mating and what it takes to be a good mama (both human and chicken).
We now wait in anticipation, quietly checking on her daily and hoping there are baby chicks keeping warm and growing well in that clutch of eggs outside our door.

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