our annual spring project

Last week found us digging up more lawn for the girls each to have a garden.
A space in the garden where they have ownership.
They choose what goes in and where.
They watch and find out out what happens.
I've always thought that proximity is one of the key elements to a successful garden.
They will walk past it a lot, notice changes quicker and be drawn to potter.
The close proximity will encourage relationship.

In years past the girls have mostly lost interest in their plots.
Hardly surprising really.
Initially plants do have a habit of taking their time.
Their past loss of interest doesn't matter. Gardening is perfect in reminding us that each new growing season brings with it fresh possibilities and new discoveries. Each year brings new treasures.

Ruby has a lot more follow through this year. She is enjoying having the strength and coordination to dig effectively. It feels powerful.
Sky however, is all about decoration right now. Her interest has so far been in the fairies who will oversee the garden and her garden sign. When I mentioned that she had forgotten to plant one of her petunias today, she simply declared that she hadn't forgotten rather she had left it there for me to plant.
Hmm, yes. I can see where this might be leading

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