Sky turned 5 today.
Turning 5 is big here in New Zealand.
It's when most children head off out the door to school, six hours a day, five days a week.
The question "what have you been doing all day?" would become part of our daily diet.
So here, in this home, we celebrated her 5 beautiful years on this earth and we also celebrated our family's chosen path of embracing life and loving it, and trusting this will provide what they need to grow into happy, truthful, resilient and resourceful adults.

We spent the day with people we love, doing things that we love.
Our family's birthday rituals, special visitors and Sky's current daily need for significant stretches of uninterrupted drawing time was what our day was built around. Family drawing time is always pretty special and today our drawing time was a beautiful way of gathering together in between food preparation and visitors. It seems a drawn birthday tablecloth is quietly becoming central to our birth days.
Skylein is just the sweetest thing.
Her generosity of spirit, her peacefulness and her concern for others is astounding.
It is like she is the Boddhisatva of the family.

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  1. sounds beautiful! Hi nice to meet you, Alex also told me about you, so I've been reading for a week or two now, and have tried to comment many times, just as our dial-up has dropped the connection, but its sunny today ( That seems to make a difference!), so here goes. I love how you write things. Its the words I look for to use, but don't seem to get quite right. Thank you!