In Her Own Time.

There has been a flurry of story writing around here in the last week.
Ruby keeps disappearing with a pad of paper, hunkers down somewhere and steadily writes down the story that is flowing through her in that moment.
Ruby has always written a lot. I write a lot. At 2 she was "writing" scribbled notes and lists.
Now, instead of her imitating the movement of my pen as I write, she is excited to have cracked a large piece of the code to writing the English language.
There has been no hurry for this. We knew she would read and write when she had a good enough reason.
Previously she had most of her needs met by the people around her reading and dictating letters for her.

She began to have a desire for more independence earlier this year when she declared that she wanted to be able to read. I knew her foundation was super solid; she has always been immersed in language and story, written and oral. What I figured she needed was just a bit of help to assist with cracking the code, so I got hold of the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." It has really suited her needs well and is super easy for the parent to follow.
Her recent birthday really spurred her on...she wants to be able to read the clues in the Quest at Sky's birthday, two months away. She's well on track.
So now with a wealth of imagination, play and story to pull from, she's excited to be gaining the tools to write her own stories down as they come forth.

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