Mini dolls

Sky is a little heart mad at the moment. You know, the four year old thing, when heart shapes cover any blank paper around drawings or notes.
And there has been some general interest in making dolls this winter.

So when we decided to make some mini dolls and doll's beds we thought a heart shaped body might work well.
We emptied the 3 match boxes in the house, glued some fabric inside and around them.

We cut 2 identical heart shapes from some felt we had, small enough to fit inside the match box. The girls sewed these together adding a touch of carded wool just before finishing up.
We chose a bead and sewed it to the top and Sky added a wee hat too.

I like how the methodical rhythm of handwork slows the mind and teaches young hands dexterity. I like how handwork, where there are no hidden steps, builds children's confidence in their ability to make something functional and beautiful.
Something truly their own.


  1. Danielle would love playing with your girls. She currently has a wee little doll in a matchbox too that's been a focus for her over the last few days.

  2. Dolls have always been quite a focus around here something I certainly didn't plan or expect. The mini version has been particularly fun for Sky