I'm not concerned about the girls "missing out" on all that socialisation people talk about.
My thinking is that a most of "it" (read: being in a shared space with a large group of the same aged children for 5 days a week) is fairly empty anyway and at best, just not necessary.
Instead they have friendships that have formed from shared interest, shared experience and/or just having fun together.

I also don't buy the line that by having all this enforced socialisation, children will somehow learn to manage different and challenging relationships as adults.
Um, that's certainly not what I see.
I can't say that I experience tolerance and loving-kindness as a deeply held value in the adult world.

And then there is our society's general discomfort with just being alone when surely we all have a need for some of it. Stretches of time to reflect, to dream, to think, to plan. To do nothing.

So, as you might have guessed, it's never been about socialisation for me. Never.
Rather it's about the girls learning to build honest relationships.

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