24 june: The Collective Story

Of course, creating community is a key reason to write this blog.
Helping to build strong, self-sustaining communities is a delight of mine, and a necessity it seems to me, for all of us.
Shifting the isolation of the "I" to the possibilities of the "We."

The funny thing is, over the last couple of years, concerning our lives without school, I have surprisingly found the most inspiration through a few blogs I have regularly read.
What has made the difference for me have been these regular reads, the voices of which resonate strongly with the ideas and dreams that we have as a family.
These voices have often been a quenching tonic.

And so I thought I'd like to add my voice and this blog was born.
Kind of odd I must say, when we are such a screenphobic family.
But here I am embracing it, celebrating it as another thread in my community.
Adding our voice to the collective story.

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