21st June : Winter Solstice

Ah what a blustery evening.
Super easy and quick Tomato Soup. Popped from an agee jar and warmed.
A dark chocolate cake.
Candles. Lots of candles.

Time spent around the table sharing the things we want to leave to wither in the dark and those hopes and dreams we want to bring forward into the light.
And of course our lantern walk. It seems with every new lantern design comes it's design faults. Quick, easy lanterns of tissue glued onto jars this year. The average jam jar proved too shallow and with the slightest breath of wind the flame went out. Of course this didn't dampen the girls singing and stomping in the puddles.

You may have guessed right….one of my dreams I want to nurture with the returning light is writing this blog which has been running around in my head probably for years now.

Happy Winter Solstice.


  1. I'm impressed! It's beautiful. I planted garlic for the first time yesterday, I am so excited about it. As always you inspire me. Talk soon.

  2. Look forward to reading along!