Before the Girls Fly Off

So, yes, the girls fly off to Germany with their Papa (Gunter) in just on one week for their grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

No, I can't believe it.
There is so much that could be done in the next week but as I often find with living with the girls the "To do" list often gets left languishing on the bench and life's little opportunities take over.
But here's a list anyway (as often is the case with lists, it makes me feel better.)
> In keeping with our "handmade gifts" commitment, we could make some soap and moisturiser for Grandparents and Aunts. We could do double batches and have our soap and moisturiser stores replenished.
>Planning next weekend's getaway with friends.
> We could attempt to finish the dolls that we have started and make a kitset up as a gift for one of the cousins they will be visiting.

>Go to the local Festival of Lights Street Party Parade. We have the lanterns but the girls would love to make a couple of masks to help transform themselves for the parade.
Um, yes, that's tonight!
> A special afternoon tea to be planned for the girls to farewell our friends from the Community Garden.
>Audiobooks to be researched for the plane journey.
> Reading at every spare moment so as to finish "House at Plum Creek" before they go. I don't want to miss out.
>Breathing their smell into my memory. It is the thought of not being able to smell them that is the hardest to fathom.
>To play and draw.

>Oh yes, the bags to be packed. The onflight bags filled with wonderful opportunities. Uno is already in.
>And of course, savouring as many moments to help me through while they are away.
>Oh and finding some moments with Gunter.

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  1. I like a lady who likes lists! I will enjoy these 'rambles' and keeping up with you guys very much, thank you Lotx