the spring fair

Yesterday we spent the day at our favourite Spring fair yesterday at the local Steiner School.  
I've been coming to this fair for many years. 
When I was at university I had good friends who had young children and we would sometimes go together and other times I would go by myself, sure to bump into friends there and just for the good vibe.

At that stage I didn't want to have children - I know, that's another story:) - but I always appreciated the feeling that here was a place that was a sort of sanctuary for children. This sense of a sanctuary wasn't a a precious, holier-than-thou feeling but was reflected in the gentleness of the activities, the homegrown creativity in the stalls and the warmth and openess of the people who were present.
Now, 20 years later, I find myself having come full circle, with young children of my own and still greatly appreciating these same qualities.

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