fishing, of sorts

It was Gunter's idea to get up up early Sunday morning to go fishing.
We got up at 5.30am to a stunning morning.
I walked into the kitchen to Gunter hacking into a lump of frozen chicken meat - apparently he thought it was frozen fish and planned to use it as bait!
Rather than try to entice the fish with chopped chicken we chose to search for sea worms. 
We enjoyed the mud, the rising sun and the birds  but had no luck on sea worms.
In the end Gunter thought of trying a mussel from the wharf as bait; an experiment we decided.
Settling into the happy rituals of preparing to fish, we discovered we had forgotten the all important sinkers :( but soon found a piece of copper and a lead nail in the boot of the car from which we fashioned some.

The bait kept falling off the hook and lines tangled but holding the fishing rods felt good in their hands and rehearsing the actions seemed to be both serious work and fun.
We headed home before we had had enough, some of us slightly relieved we hadn't caught a fish, aware of the potential difficulty of deciding what to do with it once it was hooked.
Fertile ground for future conversation.

Our first fishing trip; it's so much more than catching fish;)

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