Yesterday brought us winter making an utterly dramatic and stunning entrance into our lives.
Snow enough to play in all day along with Gunter getting to stay at home. Added to this was a
birthday cake made solely by Ruby for me.
What a perfect  beginning of another cycle around the sun.

What was especially exciting though was giving the girls their new babies.
I have been working on them for a while now.
Introducing Holly and....well, Ruby doesn't want to feel rushed with naming her wee one.
I am so happy with them and the girls adore them.
Especially the hair it seems.

I have wanted to make these for the girls for a long time (since they were wee themselves) and, well it just didn't happen. 
I'm generally not a "learn from the book" kind of girl. I was certainly inspired by this book many years ago but that didn't translate into actually making a start.  I'm fairly strongly kinaesthetic and so like to get started on new things alongside someone and with my hands engaged.  Without my friend A, I may never have made these girls and certainly not to the same standard. Thank you A for all your experience, materials, time and wisdom. 
Now I would like to make more - there is certainly something special about making these dear dolls.

As I was finishing on their wardrobe basics I wondered about when I could give them. We don't just give presents willy-nilly here, we save them for special occasions but all their special occasions felt too far away.  That is until I thought of my birthday.
My birthday seemed to be the perfect time to gift these to the girls.
In these dolls was stitched and stuffed threads of love for the girls and my family and in the giving of these dolls, I got it all back as the perfect present on my 43rd birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday! I had no idea it was so or I would have baked a cake myself! The dolls are delightful.

  2. They looks sooooooo good the dolls. Now I can see the end product going to show Arna. Arna said she is startindg on her doll in the school holidays. Love you Aunite Jacinda xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo