bringing it inside

 We didn't manage to get far on our walk yesterday morning. By the time we had reached the saddle the cloud had engulfed us and the temperature had dropped significantly. We aren't interested in epics just yet; at this stage we are interested in building up a culture not testing the limits. So we headed out into the landscape without expectations of how far we would get, but rather taking cues from the girls and their comfort levels.

Sky and I did manage to find some treasures while out there, as we stopped for muffins and a warm drink. 
Today we got to bring them inside and let the microscope do it's magic. 
There were oohs and aahhs and WOW and even a pushy cue with just the 3 of us( 4 including Charlotte.)
Invoking wonder at the world right beneath our feet has just got to be foundational to appreciating the Earth we belong to and more specifically, the place where we live. 
Seems to me it just might be a beautiful way of growing caring and engaged young people.

We played with the focus and talked and imagined and drew in our journals.
We pondered the nature of the universe and the building blocks of life.
Under the microscope lichen transforms into a futuristic city, a radical skate park, a prehistoric forest and a poem. 
Stepping away from the microscope the humble lichen lays on the stage.
Green and coarse.
Silently holding a universe.

Endnote: To those who are feeling a little flat or despondent about life or if you are just in need of a small but significant lift in general:  borrow a microscope, scrape some lichen from where ever you can find some and prepare to be transformed.

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  1. Amazing photo of the trees so I copied it and now is on my fc page at top you would c this if your husband friends me lol. love u