while we were gone.

We have been away:
  • celebrating turning 8.
  • enjoying a touch of quiet to sew up a few treats for the birthday girl; a toilet bag for nights away and bonnets to continue on "The Little House" theme.
  • sharing photos with grandma about "the olden days" when she was a girl.
  • taking in a few museums having been starved of our locals in Christchurch since the quake in February.
  • Running crying from the "Earthquake House" at Te Papa after deciding they would like feeling a pretend quake.
  • Playing in snow and debating if snow had been seen there in the last 50 years.
  • celebrating common ground with friends not seen in many years.
  • Ruby taking in what she can of the TV world and declaring her new love is Masterchef!
  • celebrating family with cousins, aunties and uncles and lots of time with grandma and grandad.

1 comment:

  1. We loved seeing you Sky, Ruby and Jacinda. Thanks for taking the time to come and for reminding me how to finger knit. Hazel missed having you here. XX