since we've been home

As the girls grow older they enjoy more obvious structure built into their lives, to help punctuate their days and to see where they have been.
Although we have had little structure up until now, we have always had a fairly constant rhythm to our days. This daily rhythm has been mainly built around mealtimes and bedtime rituals.
This rhythm has always grounded me just as much as the girls.
It has also allowed me to manage the daily dance of working with the girls' interests, our community involvement, other outside activities and the myriad tasks that a productive homelife demands.

However, this year our days have shifted into more of a conscious coming together in the mornings, usually around the table; the table helping to anchor the transition from free play. As Ruby left behind much of her world of dreamy imaginary play, she showed interest in a more methodical approach to our days. It works well for us all. We talk about what we want to be working on. I may provide a provocation. We often read. They are enjoying working more methodically on mathematical problems.
We usually begin with something creative.
And this has been exactly what the girls have set up each morning since we have been back.
They have missed it and have been eager to reinstate our creative time together each morning.
A book which we were given while away has been our focus of interest. Collage has been loved at different times through the girls' younger years and has now returned as a firm favourite.
We appreciate the time to indulge our current love affair with it.

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