needle and thread

They keep finding stitching projects.
They got really comfortable in using the materials and tools during their hours of stitching in March and now find stitching possibilities at every turn.
The authentic context provided the initial impetus to learn the skill and from there it has directed by their own curiosity and need.
Their work basket is now a permanent fixture next to where we do a lot of our shared reading.

Extra hair bands are always good and this one came about one day when Sky's hair was annoyingly falling into her face. She attached a bit of elastic at the back for stretch.
Problem solved.

And a wee purse to hold her precious buttons in. Cute blanket stitch. Tricky looping.
My stitching basket has been fairly untouched for a while now except for a wee crown I stitched for a 2 year old friend a couple of weeks back. An easy but always treasured homemade birthday gift.


  1. YAY! I love these things! So precious and pretty! What material did you use for the purse? Looks just like a felt. Was it wool or..?

  2. Our usual material to use at the moment is still old woolen blankets picked up in op shops. That's what the purse is made of but you could use felt as well.