Homeschooling is an act of liberation and an act of passion.
It is an occasion to walk away from institutional images of life
and to embrace a vision that is filled with personal meaning
and unmistakable truths for our families.
-Earl Gary Stevens: Home Education Magazine.

You might notice I like collecting quotes.
They remind me.
They inspire me.
Sometimes I just say "yes" out loud, like the one above.

The thing is, it seems to me that personal meaning comes from within and is cultivated by doing work that is important and worthwhile to oneself.
Giving children the freedom to spend time doing whatever it is that engages them for as long as they need means that they will learn to recognise what worthwhile work is to them.
The stories and images they will cultivate while engaged in this work will be their own; unique expressions of their own humaness.
As they continue unhindered in their discovery they will also learn the joy that comes from working hard at it.
Liberating indeed.


  1. oh my, such beautiful girls, and lovely mum you are doing such a good thing, just wonderful.(I came to see your blog from the NZunschoolers.)

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comment Karlene.