mama's day

I don't really go in for all the "holidays" that are thrown at us from shop windows each year but over the parenting years Gunt and I seemed to have developed small and personalised ways of celebrating the mama and papa days. In the least it is a reminder to rest a little in amongst all the living that gets done around here.
This is how we spent the day:

I love to go out walking with the girls. The pace, the conversations and the discoveries. We have just started up our local newspaper delivery again and the girls love it: finding the hidden letterboxes is always fun, reaching for the slots and of course the enjoyment of posting. The girls earn timebank credits and get the privilege of doing worthwhile work for the community.

Dehydrating part of the apple harvest. We eat far more dried apple throughout the year now that we dry our own. We like them still ever-so-sightly moist and so we put half of the supply in the freezer. They taste just as good when they are thawed and it prevents any mold.

We had a Topbar beekeepng workshop on Saturday at the community garden.
The philosophy behind Topbars is spot on for our family: becoming bee guardians and viewing all the gifts of pollination, lushous honey and beeswax as reciprocity in the relationship.
You can read about them here and here.
After Gunt helped build a hive for a neighbour last Spring, we ran out of time to build our own before the season was too late. We are excited to get building again, this time hopefully with a small group of other topbar beekeepers.
So we drew up plans and dreamed about "village beehives."


  1. Beautiful! Love the idea of beekeeping. Bees are so amazing. Much more focused and intelligent than humans, it seems.

  2. We are keen to try beekeeping next year. This is the year to read up and follow others' journeys with bees. Thanks for those links!

    We have mason bees and i'm hoping they will help us with pollination for this year.