autumnal sweetness

Harvesting seed from the favourites in our garden.
Picking, smelling, bending, holding, biting.
Listening to the tinkle of the empty seed pods.
Pleasure in working with the seeds and the potential they hold.

Taking the rake and bags with us whenever we head out, ready to swoop on leaves to bag and stash.
Running, throwing, bending, carrying.
Sacks of leaves to help build up new garden beds.

As we go about our daily tasks, we work with our hands and talk.
This is how we spend great stretches of our time together.
The simple joy of working together and talking about what it is as we go.
The connection with your work, the connection with each other and the profound satisfaction of doing work that directly sustains you.
Deeply understanding the cycle of planning (sometimes), working, waiting and finally reaping the fruits of your labour.
And learning a whole lot along the way.

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  1. beautiful. the "planning" and the patience it requires is surely a lesson in itself.