jean liedloff

Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept died on 15th March.
I remember buying her book in my early twenties, long before I even thought I would have children.
It deeply influenced my thinking not just about parenting but also about how to participate and therefore live well in a community.
What I read instantly resonated with me.
Click here to listen to an inspiring interview with her about the humane treatment of infants and children. It's just on an hour but well worth it.
In fact put it on your list of "must listens"!


  1. I read Jean's book maybe 5yrs ago, some very memorable reading and messages for sure.

  2. I read Jean's work over 30 years ago and gained much reassurance regarding how I wanted to raise my babies and children.

    RIP Jean.

  3. I read this book long before I even had my own children too- in my twenties as well!!! That's amazing we both had the same experience.

    Glad to see it's still out there! Looks like a new edition....