The cold snap last week had everyone lighting their first fire of the season.
It was a perfect reminder that Winter is just around the corner and to get outside as much as possible. We are living at the foot of one of the local cemeteries - a perfect place for an early morning walk and climb. We have been finding some magnificent mushrooms but need to find someone to show us the ins and outs of how to identify edible varieties.

What we do so miss at this time of the year is being at the beach. With sewerage infrastructure still being repaired from the earthquake damage, some of the local beaches are a horrible sight and all of the water isn't safe to swim in. So it is indoor swimming at this stage.
With many pools condemned, we are just thankful for some cool water to go wrinkly in and I'm especially happy to have a stretch of a couple of hours to catch up on a little project for our community blanket.

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